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How It Works

We serve:
- Our Williamsburg store at 568 Union Ave every day except Saturday
- Williamsburg Sunday through Friday
- Most of Brooklyn Monday through Friday

If you live in one of those areas and want to try our service, please follow the steps below to enjoy our 24/7 convenience.

Here's how the ordering process works:

Doorman Building

Williamsburg Locker Kiosk (568 Union Ave) 1

Separate your dry cleaning and laundry and leave the bags with your doorman. (If you don't live in a doorman building, please email us first for approval.)

DROP & LOCK: Swipe any credit card for store access. Drop your bags into any available locker, close the locker, and lock it using any 4-digit code.

Place your order here if we list your location or email us to add your address. (If you don’t have a doorman, our driver will contact you shortly before pick up.)

SEND & RECEIVE: Place your order here or by texting us your locker # only (using the phone # provided in the locker kiosk). We’ll email you upon pick up and delivery.

Orders should be placed and ready at least one hour before your desired pick up window. We have two pick up and delivery windows: 10am-2pm and 3pm-7pm. We deliver wash-and-fold in 1 business day and dry cleaning and wash-and-press shirts in 2-3 (volume, weather and traffic permitting).

Items that require special handling may result in added time.
We photograph and heat-seal bar codes onto dry cleaning and wash-and-press items for better tracking.
We will give you blue bags for wash-and-fold and green bags for dry cleaning and wash-and-press items.

* Minimums may apply such as $15 for each separate laundry load and each dry cleaning bag for home delivery, $10 for each separate laundry load and each dry cleaning bag for our Williamsburg store.

** If you have expensive socks, undergarments and/or small items for wash and fold, please notify us ahead of time. We can offer you a complimentary small mesh bag in which to put these items to mitigate the risk of loss or damage.

*** Customers are allowed a maximum of 3 blue laundry bags and 2 green dry cleaning bags. We may automatically assess a $5 charge for each bag in excess of the stated limits.

(1) Customers who leave delivered bags at our kiosk for more than 10 calendar days may be charged a storage fee of $10. After the initial 10 days, customers may be charged another $10 for each additional 5 calendar days delivered bags are left in our kiosk.

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