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Please note that we may adjust your charges after your order is processed. Prices are for standard garments only and added charges and time may apply for special items.



  Indicative Prices
Wash/Dry/Fold Items
(Should be included with your blue laundry bag)    
Regular Wash, Dry, and Fold   $1.50/LB
Wash, Dry, and Fold w/ Laundry Plan   $1.20 - $1.40/LB
Comforter and Large Blankets (Twin, Queen, King)   $25.00 - $30.00
Smaller Blankets   $12 - $20
Bath Mat   $7.00
Dry Cleaning – Everyday Items (including wash & press)
(Should be included with your green dry cleaning bag)    
Dress Shirts -  Washed & Pressed ("Laundered") *   $2.85
Dress Shirts - Dry Cleaned *   $6.75
Dresses   $13.50 - $21.00
Blouses   $6.75 - $11.00
Sweaters   $7.75 - $12.25
Pants   $7.75
Skirts   $6.75 - $15.50
Suit (2-piece)   $16.50
Jackets   $14.75+
Coats   $18.50+
 * Please note that we do not wash and press all shirts. Some reasons that we would choose to dry clean a shirt instead include: tapering, darts, materials, small/tailored size, etc. We email you pricing before we actually charge if you need to object or cancel an order or item. Also, minimums may apply such as $10 for each bag of wash and fold. We currently have no minimums for dry cleaning.
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